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MACJAMES Trains Students as Future Entrepreneurs

MACJAMES Entrepreneurship and Innovation Training (MEIT).
We have successfully concluded the training in Osun State Polytechnic (OSPOLY), Iree, Osun State, Nigeria! Training thousands of students, as part of their Entrepreneurship Studies, from 6 Faculties (Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Science, Financial Studies, Information/Communication Technology and Management studies) - 18 departments (ND 1 and HND 1) in the practical formulations and manufacturing of four chemical products; (1). Multipurpose Liquid Detergent. (2). Sodium Hypochlorite (for Water treatment). (3). Hair Shampoo, and (4). Laundry Bleach. Each student is entitled to learn one product. Captioned "Students Entrepreneurship and Capacity Building", the training was designed to enable the students to resourcefully use apparatuses (like cups, plastic stirrers, etc) they can find in their homes to produce as well as be able to produce in standard small-scale factory settings using Batch formations, conversions and scale-up factors in their manuals. The students performed very well, more than expected, in their group production practicals and the happiness on their faces and verbal thankfulness as each group posed for photo shoots with their products showed great appreciations for the practical skills they have acquired and to the school management and MACJAMES (the Consultant/Trainer). The responses from our questionnaires covering all the departments indicate over 96% of the students saying "yes" in being able to personally manufacture the products they have chosen to learn. We therefore should be getting ready to witness the next generation of job creators and employers in Nigeria in the near future.
MACJAMES remains grateful to the management of Osun State Polytechnic (OSPOLY) and her Directorate of Entrepreneurship Education for the opportunity , our team, and all those who made the training such a huge success. At MACJAMES, we are very happy as we enjoy impacting practical skills to future entrepreneurs, apart from offering innovative solutions.
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Authored by: Engr.Chinenye Justin Nwaogwugwu,MNSE - FOUNDER/Managing Director of MACJAMES COMPANIES. Innovator l Chemicals Manufacturer l Researcher l Entrepreneur I Trainer I Visionary I


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