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Macjames Innovation Products and Descriptions

MACJAMES ® INNOVATIVE CHEMICAL PRODUCTS BY MACJAMES GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED +234 803 677 4878 OILFIELD AND INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS HOUSEHOLD AND INSTITUTIONAL CHEMICALS WATER TREATMENT CHEMICALS COSMETIC PRODUCTS (A).OILFIELD AND INDUSTRIAL CHEMICAL PRODUCTS (1) MACJAMES® MULTISURFACE DEGREASER / CLEANER (NAFDAC Reg. No:02-8179L) MACJAMES® MULTISURFACE DEGREASER/CLEANER  – MMDC-11  is a surface active emulsifying, non-solvent based and non-acidic  degreasing foaming cleaner. It emulsifies grease, oil, rust, heavy dirt, carbon deposits, grime, slag, sludge, mud, scales, others alike, with it and cleanses them from the various washable surfaces  (metal, plastic, wood, concrete, rubber, PVC, etc) without deforming the substrates unlike other degreasers in the market today. It is an innovative and economical multi-surface/multipurpose degreaser/cleaner with surface active strength and emulsif