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MACJAMES® MRWL-07  - RIG WASH LIQUID/INDUSTRIAL DETERGENT Manufactured by  Macjames Global Resources Limited                               / Click here to get the Technical Data Sheet information (TDS) Click here to get the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)   PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: MACJAMES® RIG MRWL-07   - WASH LIQUID / INDUSTRIAL DETERGENT is an innovative and economical industrial detergent with emulsifying concentrated strength to clean dirt from many surfaces. MACJAMES® MRWL-07  – RIG WASH LIQUID is approved by Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) Approval No.: DPR/HSE.04/003.850/2015/243) for use in Nigerian Oil and Gas industry. Its P H is 8.5 - 11. It cleanses grease, oil, rust, bitumen residue, mud, carbon deposits, grime, slag, scales, etc from the various surfaces. Its alkalinity and flowability (low viscosity) makes it easy to spread and penetrate into heavy dirt to break t