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SaferEx - MULTIACTION WATER PURIFIER; Proven solution to unsafe water challenges.

SaferEx  -  Multiaction Water Purifier
A multiaction liquid solution that makes it possible to disinfect, coagulate, sediment, and clarify unsafe water to purify it for drinking, other hygiene and sanitation uses in a single application and unit process with time-and-cost efficiency. Read more:

SaferEx  -  Multiaction Water Purifier is an innovative multi-action and safe colourless liquid that purifies contaminated borehole/well and containerized water, makes it safe for drinking and other hygiene and sanitation uses. It effectively and economically purifies contaminated fresh and salt borehole/well water; disinfects/kills pathogens, sediments particles, heavy metals and salts, on single application, for easy removal by decantation and/or filtration. It is formulated from refined and regular potable water treatment chemical raw materials. It has been confirmed efficient in disinfecting/killing pathogens (bacteria, viruses, protozoa, etc) in water; sedimenting suspended particles, metals that cause water hardness (Calcium and Magnesium) and staining (Iron and Manganese), and salts, removing colour, odour, and taste, among others, "in a single application", like never before, by simply mixing it with the unsafe water and decanting/filtering after 1-6 hours (depending on contamination level) at cost-efficiency and less time compared with combinations of other treatments (disinfectants, alum, filters, etc) in use to achieve same but without getting desired results. SaferEx is an invented chemistry and innovation as a time and cost-efficient "multi-action single liquid" that works in a "single application" (a unit process), and easy to use with only simple instructions like never done before. It brings the pH of highly acidic and alkaline water to towards/close pH7. It forms a cloudy solution with certain impure water (sediments impurities later) and clear solution with pure water (without sediments), therefore can be used to preliminarily detect safe and certain unsafe water instantly.

It is used in households, organizations, farms, mines, hospitals, hotels, schools, etc, for borehole/well and containerized water purification. Users and reputable laboratories/public analysts' water analysis reports have confirmed the SaferEx-treated water safe according to WHO standards and Nigeria Industrial Standards(NIS) parameters. It eliminates, for users, waterborne diseases (typhoid fever, diarrhea, cholera, etc), salt-activated high blo
od pressure/hypertension from constant drinking of salt water, skin problems, deaths from these diseases, high medical bills, high cost of soap consumption in laundry and shortened lifespan of clothes by use of hard/staining water.

PACKAGING:   250ml :  500ml  :  1 Litre :  4 litres   :   10 Litres  :  25 Litres. (in low and High Density Polyethylene containers).

SaferEx - Multiaction Water Purifier safely treats contaminated water by mainly physical and chemical reactions/means and most of the reactions are reversible as most sediments can be dissolved back totally into the water solution to give the previous colour appearance and some properties.
It can be used  both in;
(A) Simple water containers/vessels for household and small scale water treatment.
(B) Installed water treatment facility for household, organizations and medium scale water treatment.
When added and mixed with the unsafe water to be treated in a container;
(1). It disinfects the water by disinfecting/killing the harmful microbes/pathogens.
(2). Coagulates (gather) physicochemical and organic contaminants in the water solution.
(3). Sediments gathered contaminants; suspended particles, metals (Iron, Manganese, Calcium, Magnesium, etc), salts and other impurities to the bottom.
(4). Clarifies the water by removing  colour, odour, taste and impurities.
(5). Keeps the sediments at the bottom of the container for easy decantation and/or filtration.
(6). Brings the pH of purified water towards or close to pH 7, for highly acidic and alkaline water.
(7).May leave effective antimicrobial residue (in acceptable range/trace) in the filtrate (pure and safe water) to keep it safe from evading pathogens before covering or when opened. This depends on the level of contaminants and quantity added.
(8). It is effective in fresh and salt water.
(9). SaferEx can be used in small and medium scale water treatment in the right quantity on due analysis of the raw/unsafe water .
(10). Can be used to preliminarily test and know the purity of certain water by visual means on addition and mixing: Adding 3 - 5 drops of SaferEx to a 25 Cl of water and mixing forms a cloudy solution if the water has certain contaminants then sediments between 1- 6 hours, depending on the type of contaminants. While adding same drops (3 - 5) or any quantity of SaferEx to a 25 Cl of water and mixing maintains a clear water appearance indicating the water is safe and forms no sediments at all.

A.      Mix one capful or 5ml of SaferEx with 20 litres of  the unsafe water or
B.      1 part SaferEx for 1000 parts of water for high contamination.
C.      Drop or add into empty container then pour in the unsafe water (where stirring may be difficult).
D.     Cover and ensure proper mixing by stirring or shaking.
E.      Allow to stay still for about 1- 6 hours for full noticeable sedimentation, disinfection and clarification (determined by contaminant type and level)
F.       Pour off (Decant) or filter the top clear water part and dispose the bottom.
G.     Keep filtered purified water covered for drinking and other uses.
  •  In an installed water treatment facility for medium scale treatment, add appropriate amount of SaferEx to the mixing or raw water tank, mix properly and simply allow to pass through the filtration systems and store in the treated water tank for use.

(1). SaferEx is also used to purify wastewater from agro/food-processing and other industrial wash/rinse water.
(2). SaferEx is used to disinfect and clarify wastewater from mines and quarry processes.
(3). SaferEx is formulated and produced from refined regular non-toxic water treatment
       chemicals/ingredients used for private and public potable water treatment.
(4). SaferEx functions efficiently at temperatures where the water maintains uniform liquid state (no part solid formation).
(5). The borehole/well and containerized water should be analyzed prior to treatment to determine the
       water contaminants.
(6). SafeEx is safe in treating and purifying water for drinking, bath, washing, cleaning, laundry and
        other sanitation uses.
(7). SaferEx is not toxic in its unadulterated state and in water.
(6). SaferEx can be used for small and medium scale water purification.
(7). It is being tested in industrial wastewater with heavy organic solvents and pesticides (under study).
(8). Has not been tested in water with radionuclide/radioactive contaminants.

 2016: Selected among top 1000 innovations in Africa, from 54 African Countries, by TEEP 2016.
2016:  Winner,  Unilever Foundry ideas "Clean Water Challenge", 2016.                                                                                         (
2016:  Qualified in the "Create the Future Design Contest 2016" by COMSOL and Mouser Electronics, U.S.A.

                                                            Manufactured By
Macjames Global Resources Limited

About the Author and Innovator.

 Engr. Chinenye Justin Nwaogwugwu (MACJAMES), a registered Chemical Engineer by Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) and a member of Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE). Studied Chemical Engineering from Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria. An advanced trained Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) personnel by Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals (NISP). I received entrepreneurship and innovation management trainings from Doug Richard's School for Startups, London; PAN Atlantic University/Enterprise Development Centre, Nigeria and Founder Centric, United Kingdom. 
My Chemicals Innovations: Selected for Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation 2014/2015 by Royal Academy of Engineering, United Kingdom. Won Federal Government of Nigeria Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria award 2012. Qualified for "Create the Future Design Contest"2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 sponsored by SAE international, COMSOL and MOUSER Electronics, USA. Selected among top 1000 innovations in Africa (from 54 countries and over 45,000 innovations) by TEEP 2016, among other awards/recognitions.                                                                                                                                                                                     
My Entrepreneurial Ventures: The MD/CEO Macjames Global Resources Limited  and Managing Director of Macjames Ikiomoye Technologies Limited, manufacturers of  innovative Household-Institutional & Industrial-Oilfield (HI&IO) chemicals approved/registered by National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR). I have over fourteen years practical work, research and entrepreneurial experiences including Manufacturing, Plant Design and Construction, Water treatment, Corrosion Control, Client Services, Marketing, Sales, Innovation, Management and Consultancy from over ten industries and institutions.
I am an innovator, a consultant, a great learner, a mentor and an entrepreneur with practical transferable skills and ideas. I enjoy the gift and beauty of nature!

Contact:   /   /   +234 803 677 4878


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