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Oilfield and Water Treatment Chemicals Approved for Use in Oil and Gas Industry

MACJAMES COMPANY now has six (6) Oilfield and water treatment chemical products approved by Department of Petroleum of Resources (DPR) for use in the Oil and Gas Industry. These are;   (1). MACJAMES® MMDC-11 - MULTISURFACE DEGREASER/CLEANER          ( Approved by NAFDAC and DPR:  NAFDAC REG.NO.: 02-8179L and             DPR/HSE.04/003.700/2019/002) (2). MACJAMES® MDSC-12 - DESCALER/SCALE CLEANER           (APPROVED BY DPR:  DPR/HSE.04/003.850/2017/252) (3). MACJAMES® MRWL-07 - RIG WASH LIQUID        ( Approved by DPR:  DPR/HSE.04/003.700/2019/004). (4). MACJAMES® MMLD-06 - MULTIPURPOSE LIQUID DETERGENT           (Approved by NAFDAC and DPR: NAFDAC REG. NO. 02-8178L and          DPR/HSE.04/003.700/2019/003) . (5). SaferEx™ - Multiaction Water Purifier        DPR Approval No.: DPR/HSE.04/003.700/2018/038. (6). MACJAMES® MSHYP-001 - SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE (10%)          DPR Approval No.:   DPR/HSE.04/003.700/2018/037. Contact us for your oil