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MACJAMES® DESCALER/SCALE CLEANER - MDSC-12: A biodegradable innovation; dissolves water scale, limescale, mud and mineral deposits on metal surfaces and water operating equipment without harming the equipment, environment and users.

(DPR Certification No: DPR/LAB/7302.5/Vol.4/24) 

                                                PRODUCT INTRODUCTION AND DESCRIPTION 

Scale is the most prevalent of all water quality problems. Scale is primarily composed of Calcium and Magnesium Carbonates, but may also form as Calcium Sulphate, Silica complexes and Ferric Oxide. These materials enter the system in a dissolved state and due to certain chemical and physical reactions, they become insoluble and fall out of solution and deposit on the surfaces of associated equipment. Scale in a system can coat the inside of the tubing, restricting water flow and acting as an insulator, reducing the transfer of heat as well as increasing water demand from systems.

Macjames® Descaler/Scale Cleaner - MDSC-12 is an innovative biodegradable descaler formulated and produced to dissolve and remove the toughest water scale, limescale, mud, rust, and other mineral  deposits on metal surfaces from virtually any piece of water-based and operated equipment. This innovative water scale remover is safe for personnel, equipment and our environment. Macjames® Descaler/Scale Cleaner - MDSC-12 is non-corrosive and does not corrode, pit, oxidize or have other damaging effects on materials as; iron, copper, fiber, rubber, steel, plastic, brass, ceramic, glass, titanium, nickel, stainless, and other materials associated with water-based equipment if used as directed. Most cleaning activities can be completed in few hours.
Macjames® Descaler/Scale Cleaner - MDSC-12 is used in descaling water-cooled condensers, chillers,  boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, pumps, cooling towers, boilers, tubes, pipes or equipment with water scale or rust deposits. Formulated with wetting and penetrating agents to dissolve deposits into solution, Macjames® Descaler/Scale Cleaner - MDSC-12 is fast in action and cost-effective. It can be safely handled by personnel and circulated through your equipment or system without dismantling, and in some cases your equipment or system may continue to operate during cleaning. Being biodegradable, it can be easily and safely disposed in normal plant sewers in well diluted state as local regulations permit. This innovative descaler is used when economy, efficiency and ease of use  are of maximum importance.

PACKAGING AND NUMBER CODES:      4Ltr-   MDSC-12A:     20Ltr- MDSC-12B:     
                                                     25Ltr- MDSC-12C:    200Ltr- MDSC-12D.
 Cleaning/removal of water scale, lime scale, mud ,rust deposits, etc, from water operated
 equipment and others alike.

1.   Turn off the circulating pump. 
2.   Drain and flush all sludge and dirt out of the sump since these consume and waste cleaner.
3.   Close, bleed and refill the sump with fresh water.
4.   Estimate the total number of litres of water in the system and add initial dosage of chemical at a ratio of 1 litre of MACJAMES® DESCALER/SCALE CLEANER  -  MDSC-12 to 15 litres of water.
5.   Operate the system in the normal manner for a recommended time of 8 hours, depending on scale thickness. Check the cleaning circulating solution every 10-15 minutes for colour change from the normal colour (refer to Calcium Carbonate spot test or PH test (2.4) below to determine when the system is cleaned).
6.   Also lowering of head pressure to normal levels will indicate when the unit is clean. Inspect the tubes when possible.
7.   When cleaning is complete, drain the spent solution. Disposal must be in accordance with all applicable Federal, State and Local regulations. Note: Dilute properly, possibly to infinity, before disposing accordingly.
8.   Rinse out the system with at least two fillings of fresh water. Refill the sump and resume
      normal operations.

Testing the effectiveness during cleaning with Macjames® Descaler/Scale Cleaner - MDSC-12 can be performed via two different methods. These recommended methods include a simple Calcium Carbonate spot test of the circulating solution or by charting a trend in the pH of the cleaning solution as below.

The Calcium Carbonate spot test is performed by simply having a sample of the circulating solution come in contact with a form of Calcium Carbonate. The Calcium Carbonate utilized can be a sample of the deposit you are cleaning, a Tums or even bare concrete. Observe the reaction of the Macjames® Descaler/Scale Cleaner - MDSC-12 in solution on the Calcium Carbonate. If foaming and bubbling is observed, the solution is still active. If there is little or no reaction, the solution is expended. This test should be performed near the end of the recommended circulating time. If near the end of the recommended cleaning time the solution has been expended, more Macjames® Descaler/Scale Cleaner - MDSC-12 will be required to complete the job. However, if the solution is still active at the end of the recommended time, all the scale has been dissolved within the application and it is ready to be water flushed and returned to service.

The initial pH of the cleaning solution will measure between 1-3. In order to test the effectiveness of the circulating solution as a function of pH, we recommend that the readings be taken at regular intervals and charted as a trend. The reason for this is that the deposits being dissolved may cause a premature jump in the pH and give an inaccurate reading if taken only once or infrequently. After circulating for approximately 75% of the recommended time, test the pH. Continue to take readings every 10-15 minutes to develop a trend in your readings. Once the solution’s pH reads 6.0 - 7.0 on three or more readings, the solution is expended. If the pH reads below 6.0 after the recommended circulating time, the application is clean and ready to be flushed and returned to service.

  • Never leave the cleaning solution in the equipment for more than 10 hours, scale may be redeposited and prove difficult to remove.
  • Some reactions may occur with some alloys of aluminum, magnesium, and/or zinc.
  • MDSC-12 is incompatible with strong caustics or bases.
  • Refer to MSDS for further information. MSDS is readily available and are supplied with the product.
  •  Use chemical resistant hand gloves during application, even though product can be held in open palm without injury. All chemicals are handled with approved PPE.
  •  If in contact with skin, wash with plenty water and seek medical attention if there is       irritation.
  •   Do not drink, if ingested drink water or milk and seek medical attention.
  •   Avoid contact with eyes, otherwise flush with plenty water for 20 minutes and get         medical attention. Remember to wear eye goggle with side protector.

  •   Dilute properly with water before disposal according to local regulations (dilute possibly to neutral or infinity).


Manufactured by

About the Author.
Engineer Chinenye Justin Nwaogwugwu, a registered Chemical Engineer by Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) and a member of Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE). I studied Chemical Engineering at Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria. An advanced trained Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) personnel by Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals (NISP). I received entrepreneurship and innovation management training from Doug Richard's School for Startups, London; PAN Atlantic University/Enterprise Development Centre, Nigeria; Founder Centric (Source Institute), United Kingdom, and Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation, Nigeria, among others.

I have single-handedly and jointly researched, developed and manufactured over 60 chemical products being used in water treatment, households, institutions, farms, oilfields, and other industries from 2003 to date. My award-winning chemical innovations include MACJAMES® SaferEx - MULTI-ACTION WATER PURIFIER; Winner of Unilever Foundry Ideas' "Clean Water Challenge" 2016 ( Selected among top 1000 innovations in Africa (from 54 countries and over 45,000 entries) by Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP) 2016. Qualified in the ongoing "Create the Future Design Contest 2016" by COMSOL and Mouser Electronics U.S.A. (
MACJAMES® MULTISURFACE DEGREASER/CLEANER - MMDC-11; Selected for Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation 2014/2015 by Royal Academy of Engineering, United Kingdom. ( Co-winner with MACJAMES® MULTIPURPOSE LIQUID DETERGENT - MMLD-06 of Federal Government of Nigeria Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWin) award 2012 and qualified for "Create the Future Design Contest" 2013,2014,and2015 sponsored by SAE International, COMSOL and MOUSER Electronics, U.S.A.

The Managing Director/Founder of Macjames Global Resources Limited and Managing Director/Co-founder of Macjames Ikiomoye Technologies Limited, (, manufacturers of  innovative Water treatment, Household-Institutional & Industrial-Oilfield (HI&IO) chemicals approved/registered by National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR). I have over fifteen years practical work, research and development, and entrepreneurial experiences in Manufacturing Processes, Plant Design and Construction, Water treatment, Corrosion Control, Environmental services, Client Services, Marketing, Sales, Innovation, Management and Consultancy from over ten industries and institutions.
I have lectured and trained over 5,000 professionals, and numerous non-professionals and students in various fields of my profession and experience such as in chemicals formulations and manufacturing, water treatment and plant design, environmental management and services, corrosion control and prevention, innovations applications and management, etc from over ten industries and institutions.  These include Manager level at Zinga Nigeria (a subsidiary of Zingametall, Belguim) - coating and solvent manufacturers, Teesquare Limited, Port Harcourt (chemicals manufacturers), Bisty Nigeria Ltd, an apprenticeship at Oil and Industrial Services Limited (OIS), among others.

I am an innovator, a consultant, a great learner, a mentor and an entrepreneur with practical transferable skills and ideas with passion in creating innovative chemical solutions. I enjoy the gift and beauty of nature!

Contact:   /   /   +234 803 677 4878


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